Ultimate Series Set - Books + Video - Save 33%

Four of football's most challenging play calling situations down to make mastering them easier than ever before. PLUS video on each topic!

Four of Football's hardest calls broken down by experts and explored in-depth to make mastering them easier than ever before. 


All four books plus the Ultimate Video Plays Vol. 1 would normally cost you $90

Get them all in this package and you save $30!

Package Includes:

  • Ultimate Book: Blocking & Tackling Regular Price: $14.95
  • Ultimate Book: Pass Interference Regular Price: $14.95
  • Ultimate Book: Holding Regular Price: $14.95
  • Ultimate Book: Special Teams Regular Price: $14.95
  • NEW- Ultimate Football Video Plays - Vol. 1 Regular Price: $29.95


NOTE: A 2nd run of Ultimate Video Plays Vol. 1 has been ordered. We expect it to be available to ship by Aug. 16. Quantities will go quickly so we urge you to order now.


NEW - Ultimate Football Video Plays Vol. 1 - USB

Great video, graphic highlights, takeaways to keep you thinking. Ultimate Football Video Plays Vol. 1 gives you 35 hard-hitting videos on one USB drive - ready for you to use as you prepare for the season or to show at your association meetings. USB works on all PCs and Macs, will not work on Chromebooks.


•  Holding

•  Pass Interference

•  Blocking & Tackling

•  Special Teams


The Ultimate Book on Blocking & Tackling - Updated for 2021

There is not a play in any game in which someone isn’t blocked or being tackled. With increased emphasis on player safety, the Ultimate Book on Blocking & Tackling speaks directly to what officials need to be most concerned about. Referee has pulled together the best thinking on the topic and presents you with the definitive guide to contact in footbal. You’ll understand the rule inside and out, learn the best angles and places to look so that you can make the right call at the right time, every time. Analysis is paired with high contrast PlayPic® and MechaniGram® graphics to accentuate your learning.


Ultimate Book: Holding

This book illuminates of one of football’s most difficult and debated calls. All aspects of the eight types of holding are covered in detail. Not only does the book explain how to call holding, it clarifies why and when it should be called as well. Contributions from a variety of football experts adds weight and value to every page as you get the benefit of their years of experience. Crisp, clear PlayPic graphics illustrate different types of holding from multiple angles, so there is no confusion between what is legal and what isn’t. The Ultimate Book on Holding is a must have for every football official and it is perfect for coaches who want to eliminate holding penalties by their players.


Ultimate Book: Blocking & Tackling

The battle in the trenches will always be a part of football, but with increased emphasis on player safety, officials need to make sure the boundaries of contact are clearly enforced.

Sample coming soon!

The Ultimate Book on Pass Interference 

Pass interference is one of the most difficult judgment calls a football official has to make. Milliseconds can separate an athletic play from a violation. With increased scrutiny on these types of plays at a national level, high school officials need to make sure they’re fully versed in how to see, judge and call them correctly every time.


The Ultimate Book Special Teams

Although it takes up a small percentage of time in each contest, the kicking game is one of the most complex situations football officials face. Its many facets such as fair catches, first touching, blocking restrictions and more; need to be applied often while athletes are at full speed and the action is evolving quickly second to second.

The Ultimate Book on the Kicking Game provides high school officials with an in-depth look at each segment of those free kicks, onside kicks, punts and scoring kicks. The important new rules regarding the kicking team’s formation are also addressed. There is also a section giving a thumbnail of the differences between NFHS and NCAA rules.

Study of the kicking game is often neglected in training programs and clinics so using this fantastic resource will have a huge impact on your preparedness and skill going into this season.


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