2017-19 MAGBO Basketball Mechanics Illustrated - Custom

The definitive source for all two-person mechanics used for girls basketball games played in New York State.

2017-19 MAGBO Basketball Mechanics Illustrated 

The MAGBO Mechanics Illustrated Manual is the definitive source for all two-person mechanics for girls basketball games played in New York State.  Not only does this manual show where an official should be and what they should look for in a given situation, it delves into why that particular mechanic is the utilized.  The philosophy of officiating girls high school basketball is woven into a thorough discussion of mechanics and on-court tools that referees can use to enhance their games.  With over 65 MechaniGrams, you'll be prepared for almost every situation the game can throw at you.

Key Points covered in this manual:

  • Why the calling official will remain table side as much as possible after a foul call
  • How to maintain optimal court coverage in pressing/trap situations
  • Ways to use angles to your advantage to get the best possible look at plays
  • Specific responsibilities for pregame, between periods, half-time, and end-of-game situations
  • An extensive pregame conference that covers both mechanics and rules points
  • All the 2017-2019 NCAA Women's Basketball Rule Changes, Points of Emphasis, and NYS modifications all in one place.

Sample Chapter