2021 Complete Basketball Training Package - SAVE $19

SAVE $19 On all the newest and best training for basketball officials.

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No matter when your season starts, make sure you're ready on day one with this fantastic collection of the best books, guides and videos for today's high school basketball officials. Master tough calls, learn how to handle new styles of play, prepare for difficult game management situations and so much more.

2021-22 Complete Basketball Training Package

  • 2021-22 Prep Basketball
  • High School Basketball Mechanics Illustrated (Updated for 2022)
  • 2021-22 High School Basketball Rules By Topic
  • 2021-22 Basketball Preseason Guide
  • IAABO You Make the Ruling Vol-13 USB

NEW - 2021-22 Prep Basketball Annual Edition 

A complete annual special edition guide for the 2021-22 basketball season with more than 100 magazine-sized pages of the best rules, mechanics, techniques and teaching points to get you ready.

Get all this and more:

  •          New NFHS rule changes plus a review of other recent changes.
  •          NFHS Points of emphasis for 2021-22
  •          Mechanics updates and recent changes
  •          Tips & strategies for tough situations
  •          Quiz questions & answers
  •          Caseplays with rulings

With 2021-22 Prep Basketball you’ll be ready on day one to handle every situation you’ll face and make great calls look easy. This is the new standard in preseason preparation.


2021-22 Basketball Mechanics Illustrated

Few things can take your performance to a higher level than improving your mechanics. Even a few tweaks to your positioning can make a huge difference in your accuracy. You'll get more calls right... Period.

Covering both two and three person mechanics and brought to life with Referee’s PlayPic® and MechaniGram® illustrations; Basketball Mechanics Illustrated will show you proper movement, the spots to be in and where you need to look to be in the right place, at the right time, every time.


2021-22 NFHS High School Basketball Rules By Topic

All the official NFHS rules and caseplays together in one place!

Rules by Topic merges the rulebook and the casebook so you can see everything that applies to a rule together in one place with supporting information and definitions. The rules and caseplays are organized by game topics so you don't have to hunt for what you need. Many veteran basketball officials swear this is the ultimate rulebook and won't use anything else. It's also the easiest way to ace your state officials exam. 


2021-22 Basketball Preseason Guide

With the latest NFHS rule and mechanics changes and major points of emphasis, this compact and affordable 16-page guide is a great primer for High School basketball officials and will help bring you up to speed for the new season.


You Make The Ruling: Volume 13 - USB Video

More than 60 minutes of high school live-action video with voiceover and animation highlight hot topics for officials. From the basketball experts at the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO) You Make The Ruling is the single most in-depth curated basketball training video series ever created. More than hour of purposefully selected video will help you prepare by examining every major situation and difficult call you will face on the court. Experts will take you through each play, and graphics will highlight where you need to look and the parts of the action to pay attention to. You'll get a breakdown of the play and helpful tips for making the right call when faced with similar situations yourself.

DON'T SEARCH FOR GOOD VIDEO TO TRAIN WITH - You Make The Ruling has already done the work for you.


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