Basketball Video Set

Get both the IAABO You Make the Ruling 12 USB Video and Block Charge USB Video for only $29.95 - Save $10!

Basketball Video Set

Get both of these cutting edge basketball training videos on USB drives. Save 25% on more than 2 HOURS of HD basketball plays with instruction and voice over.

You Make The Ruling: Volume 12 - USB Video

More than 60 minutes of high school live-action video with voiceover and animation highlight hot topics for officials.

Sample Video

Block / Charge: See It. Call It. - A Video Guide

Blocks and Charges require split second judgment and rapid-fire decision making. The only way to get great at making these tough calls is to see as many plays as possible so your instincts take over.

This video guide uses enhanced high school video to deliver a quick and effective focused clinic. In a half hour, you’ll be more competent and confident calling blocks and charges.


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