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Basketball Starter Package Includes:

2020-21 High School Basketball Rules Simplified & Illustrated
Nine Rules You Thought You Knew for Basketball
Basketball Mechanics Illustrated
Say What?
2020-21 Basketball Preseason Guide
Basketball's Toughest Calls

2020-21 NFHS High School Basketball Rules Simplified & Illustrated

This is the ONLY Illustrated rules study guide for high school basketball. The rules are brought to life visually and explained in everyday
language. Not everyone gets as much out of the rules book as they’d like, and adding images will solidify your rules knowledge so you can perform at your best.

This is a must-have study aid ideal for all high school officials and perfect for those new to working basketball.


9 Rules You Thought You Knew for Basketball

Sometimes you need to get to the core of a rule, and you need to get there fast. 9 Rules simplifies some of Basketball’s hardest, but in no way is it basic. Every word on every page was chosen with care so you can get an improved working knowledge to make better calls fast. Perfect for pregame.

9 Rules is also a great recruitment tool and sportsmanship handout to dispel rumors and misconceptions that exist for common rules.


Basketball Mechanics Illustrated

Few things can take your performance to a higher level than improving your mechanics. Even a few tweaks to your positioning can make a huge difference in your accuracy. You'll get more calls right... Period.

Covering both two and three person mechanics and brought to life with Referee’s PlayPic® and MechaniGram® illustrations; Basketball Mechanics Illustrated will show you proper movement, the spots to be in and where you need to look to be in the right place, at the right time, every time.


Say What? How to Respond to Players and Coaches

When a coach or player talks to you, there’s no time for hesitation. Study these proven strategies for communicating in common basketball officiating specific situations so you’re always ready to respond correctly.

You get actual "say this, not that" advice and real talking points to develop your own game script. When you can internalize your responses, every interaction will be comfortable and second nature for you... and get you the results you want. 


2020-21 Basketball Preseason Guide

With the latest NFHS rule and mechanics changes and major points of emphasis, this compact and affordable 16-page guide is a great primer for High School basketball officials and will help bring you up to speed for the new season.


Basketball’s Toughest Calls: Traveling, Block/Charge & Contact Displacement

What is Basketball’s toughest call? If you ask 100 officials you’d get many different answers. The three that would come up frequently are undoubtedly Block/Charge, Travelling and Contact/Displacement. Basketball’s Toughest Calls takes on these infractions in-depth with the help of some of the industry’s most experienced officials. What better way to get these calls right than by learning from the men and women who have spent their lives writing and enforcing these very rules.

You’ll get game-tested advice from:

  • John Adams – NCAA National Coordinator for Men’s Basketball
  • George Toliver – Director of NBA D-League Officials
  • Tom Lopes – IAABO Executive Director

and Many More!


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