2022 Football Starter Package - SAVE $24

The latest rules, case plays, mechanics at one affordable price!

2022 Football Starter Package

Everything a new official needs to make sure their fundamentals are solid.


2022 NFHS Football Rules Simplified & Illustrated  
2022-23 Football Mechanics Illustrated   
2022 Prep Football   
2022 Football Officiating Insider Series  
2022 NFHS Football Preseason Guide  


2022 NFHS High School Football Rules Simplified & Illustrated

This is the ONLY Illustrated rule book available for High School football officials. The rules are brought to life with Referee’s crisp and clear PlayPic® and MechaniGram® illustrations. Not everyone gets as much out of the rulebook as they’d like, and using images can be just the thing to solidify and reinforce your rules knowledge so you can perform at your best. Rules Simplified & Illustrated is ideal for all high school football officials who want to get a better handle on the rules, and perfect for newer officials who need to build a real working knowledge of the rules fast.


Football Officiating Mechanics Illustrated: 4 and 5 Person High School Crews

Updating: Many expert clinicians say that the fastest way to improve your play calling and ability to get more calls right is to focus on improving your mechanics.

Football Mechanics Illustrated is the only High School mechanics book to combine mechanics for crews of 4 & 5 with detailed images and advanced explanations. Referee’s MechaniGram® graphics give you precise locations and movement guidelines for every type of play situation.

By studying this easy-to-read, yet in-depth resource, you'll easily be in the right place at the right time, every time, to make the right call. 

Fully up-to-date for the 2022 season.


NEW - 2022 Prep Football Annual Edition

Your complete special edition guide to the 2022 football season with 96 magazine-sized pages of up-to-the-minute rules, mechanics updates, theory and techniques hand picked for you. Get all this and more:

  • All recent NFHS rule changes explained and simplified
  • NFHS Points of Emphasis for 2022
  • Mechanics updates and recent changes
  • Tips & strategies for tough situations
  • Quiz questions & answers
  • Caseplays with rulings

With Prep Football 2022 you’ll be ready on day one to handle every situation you’ll face and make great calls look easy. Get ready and stay ready.


2022 Football Officiating Insider Series

Inside Access: Advanced Football Play Calling Techniques gives you up-to-the-minute thinking and best practices for play calling every game. This must-have resource provides common sense approaches to such everything you will see every game -- formations, scoring plays, kicking, blocking, catch/no-catch, pass interfernece, holding and more!

2022 NFHS High School Football Preseason Guide

Updating: 16 full-color pages packed with rules updates and information on points of emphasis straight from the NFHS. A great addition to every football official's preseason training library. 


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