2021 Complete Football Package - SAVE $37

Video, guides, rules and new products - all at a great price!

2021 Complete Football Officiating Training Package

This package has everything you need to be ready for the 2021 season at an amazing price! No matter if last season was normal for you, you had some challenges or you weren't able to work games at all... 2021 is going to be a critical season as football gets back to normal. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward from day one with this great collection of the best football officials training resources available anywhere.

Normally this package would cost you $117 to purchase individually - YOU SAVE $37!! - That's 32% off.


  • Ultimate Football Video Plays Vol. 1 USB - Normal Retail Price: 29.95
  • 2021 Prep Football - Normal Retail Price: $18.95
  • Ultimate Book: Blocking & Tackling (2021 Update) - Normal Retail Price: $14.95
  • High School Penalty Enforcements Made Easy: 11th Edition - Normal Retail Price: $19.95
  • 2021 NFHS Football Rules by Topic - Normal Retail Price: $10.00
  • 2021 NFHS Football Officiating Preseason Guide - Normal Retail Price: $3.05
  • Guide To Football Speaking Situations: Specifically Speaking - Normal Retail Price $14.95
  • 27 Most Common Officiating Errors and How to Avoid Them - Normal Retail Price $4.95




ALL NEW - 2021 Prep Football Referee Annual Edition 

We know you're excited to get on the field and work games – so are we. 2021 Prep Football has everything you need to feel up-to-date and game ready when you suit up for action. New & recent rule changes, mechanics updates, points-of-emphasis, crew dynamics and tough situations are all explored, simplified and presented in this full-color, magazine-sized annual guide you'll enjoy using to prepare.


The Ultimate Book on Blocking & Tackling - Updated for 2021

There is not a play in any game in which someone isn’t blocked or being tackled. With increased emphasis on player safety, the Ultimate Book on Blocking & Tackling speaks directly to what officials need to be most concerned about. Referee has pulled together the best thinking on the topic and presents you with the definitive guide to contact in footbal. You’ll understand the rule inside and out, learn the best angles and places to look so that you can make the right call at the right time, every time. Analysis is paired with high contrast PlayPic® and MechaniGram® graphics to accentuate your learning.


Specifically Speaking: Scripts for Every Football Situation

Football officials aren't just silent observers. We must speak many times before, during and after games to our crewmates, participants, coaches and sometimes the crowd. Get this comprehensive guide to common speaking situations including actual scripts to learn and use so when you speak, everyone listens.

Get guidance for these speaking situations:

  •          Timer
  •          Crew Pregame
  •          Coach Pregame
  •          Chain Crew
  •          Ball Helpers
  •          O2O
  •          Coin Toss
  •          Penalty Announcements
  •          Sideline


27 Common Errors and How to Avoid Them

This easy guide covers 32 pages of tips, tricks and officiating hacks that will show you what happens when you let things slide and how you can avoid making the kinds of errors that impact what matters most!


High School Penalty Enforcements Made Easy

When a flag is thrown, you don’t have time to think about how to enforce the penalty. Hesitation looks like uncertainty to players and coaches. Penalty Enforcements Made Easy is fully-up-to-date and includes an NFL-created enforcement model that helps you gain the confidence to make quick and accurate penalty decisions even in stressful situations.


2021 NFHS High School Football: Rules By Topic

All the Official NFHS rules and caseplays together in one place!

Rules by Topic merges the rulebook and the casebook so you can see everything that applies to a particular rule together in one place. The rules and caseplays are organized by game topics so you don't have to hunt for what you need. Many veteran football officials swear this is the ultimate rulebook and won't use anything else. It's also perfect for doing well on open book tests.


2021 NFHS High School Football Preseason Guide

16 full-color pages packed with rules updates and information on points of emphasis straight from the NFHS. A great addition to every football official's preseason training library. 


NEW - Ultimate Football Video Plays Vol. 1 - USB

Great video, graphic highlights, takeaways to keep you thinking. Ultimate Football Video Plays Vol. 1 gives you 35 hard-hitting videos on one USB drive - ready for you to use as you prepare for the season or to show at your association meetings. USB works on all PCs and Macs, will not work on Chromebooks.


•  Holding

•  Pass Interference

•  Blocking & Tackling

•  Special Teams


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