2020 Complete Football Training Package - SAVE $41!

SAVE $41 - That's 31%! The very best of what's new and updated to get to totally ready for the season to start.

2020 Complete Football Training Package

The very best of what's new and updated to get to totally ready for the season to start. Hundreds of pages of world-class football officiating training full of expert tips and the most up-to-date rules, mechanics and hot topics.

More than an hour and a half of the best football video instruction rounds out this complete package that you can use for individual study or your association training program.


ALL NEW - 2020 Prep Football Referee Annual Edition 

We know you're excited to get on the field and work games – so are we. 2020 Prep Football has everything you need to feel up-to-date and game ready when you suit up for action. New & recent rule changes, mechanics updates, points-of-emphasis, crew dynamics and tough situations are all explored, simplified and presented in this full-color, magazine-sized annual guide you'll enjoy using to prepare.


What Works: Insights from Football's Top Officials

Top football officials talk shop on a variety of hot topics and difficult calls, giving you secrets and insights from their wealth of experience.


2020 NFHS High School Football Preseason Guide

16 full-color pages packed with rules updates and information on points of emphasis straight from the NFHS. A great addition to every football official's preseason training library. 


Football Officiating Mechanics Illustrated: 4 and 5 Person High School Crews

Many expert clinicians say that the fastest way to improve your play calling and ability to get more calls right is to focus on improving your mechanics.

Football Mechanics Illustrated is the only High School mechanics book to combine mechanics for crews of 4 & 5 with detailed images and advanced explanations. Referee’s MechaniGram® graphics give you precise locations and movement guidelines for every type of play situation.

By studying this easy-to-read, yet in-depth resource, you'll easily be in the right place at the right time, every time, to make the right call. 

Fully up-to-date for 2020-21.


Guide to 40/25 Play Clock

Everything you need to know about the 2020 NFHS rule change regarding 40-second and 25-second play clocks.

Pocket-sized laminated quick-reference card included!

Buy in bulk for your whole association, camp or clinic and save up to 40%. As low as $3.57 each! Discounts are applied automatically in your cart.


2020 NFHS High School Football: Rules By Topic

All the Official NFHS rules and caseplays together in one place!

Rules by Topic merges the rulebook and the casebook so you can see everything that applies to a particular rule together in one place. The rules and caseplays are organized by game topics so you don't have to hunt for what you need. Many veteran football officials swear this is the ultimate rulebook and won't use anything else. It's also perfect for doing well on open book tests.


Crew of 5 Keys Map

Keys are the important starting point for officials so they can cover plays properly. There's 22 of them and five of you, so it's crucial to have eyes on the right players. 

In today's football with complex offenses and formations with motions and multiple receiver sets, it can be difficult for officials to identify and remember their keys.  

This tool is an awesome way to easily identify the keys and determine coverages in a crew of 5. The convenient laminated map is perfect to use at home or to throw in your bag for easy pregame meetings with your crew.


Targeting: See It. Call It. - A Video Guide

In High School football you often don’t have the luxury of instant reply to review targeting calls. That’s why you need to use video now so you’ll be able to anticipate and recognize targeting when it happens in your next game. 

This video guide uses enhanced high school game video to deliver a quick and effective focused clinic. In a half hour, you'll be more competent and confident calling targeting. Targeting: See It. Call It. comes on a USB Drive so you can use it on any computer.



Best Practices of High School Football: The Grey Area USB Video

Valuable insight, breakdown, and analysis of the aspects football rules, positioning, and mechanics that may not always be black or white. Features real High School game  footage  with  practical examples followed by discussion.

Teaching points and video analysis from BCS National Championship Referee and renowned clinician Bill LeMonnier, along with high school and NCAA official Tim Kiefer. More than an hour and a half of high definition video is delivered on a handy USB drive you can use in any PC or Mac computer.


No Argument: Managing In-Game Exchanges

Confrontation is part of officiating. It will happen and you need to know how to deal with it. 


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