2020 Complete Basketball Training Package - SAVE $32

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No matter when your season starts, make sure you're ready on day one with this fantastic collection of the best books, guides and videos for today's high school basketball officials. Master tough calls, learn how to handle new styles of play, prepare for difficult game management situations and so much more.

2020 Basketball Training Package

  • 2020-21 Prep Basketball (Volume 4)
  • High School Basketball Definitions
  • 2020-21 High School Basketball Rules By Topic
  • 2020-21 Basketball Preseason Guide
  • IAABO You Make the Ruling Vol-12 USB
  • See It. Call It. Block / Charge (A Video Guide- Basketball) USB

2020-21 Prep Basketball Annual Edition

NEW - 2020-21 Prep Basketball Annual Edition A complete annual special edition guide for the 2020-21 basketball season with more than 100 magazine-sized pages of the best rules, mechanics, techniques and teaching points to get you ready. Get all this and more: New NFHS rule changes plus a review of other recent changes. NFHS Points of emphasis for 2020-21 Mechanics updates and recent changes Tips & strategies for tough situations Quiz questions & answers Caseplays with rulings With 2020-21 Prep Basketball you’ll be ready on day one to handle every situation you’ll face and make great calls look easy. This is the new standard in preseason preparation.


High School Basketball Definitions

The “definitions” section of your rulebook is the crucial foundation on which all your rules knowledge is based.

This book will amplify and simplify the meanings of words and phrases found throughout the high school basketball rulebook. Trying to learn rules well without a solid understanding of the definitions is like trying to cook dinner with recipes written in another language. You might end up with something edible, but it won't be what you were hoping for. 

Build your rules knowledge on a solid definitions foundation and everything else will be easier.


2020-21 High School Basketball Rules By Topic

2020-21 NFHS High School Basketball Rules By Topic All the official NFHS rules and caseplays together in one place! Rules by Topic merges the rulebook and the casebook so you can see everything that applies to a rule together in one place with supporting information and definitions. The rules and caseplays are organized by game topics so you don't have to hunt for what you need. Many veteran basketball officials swear this is the ultimate rulebook and won't use anything else. It's also the easiest way to ace your state officials exam.


2020-21 Basketball Preseason Guide

With the latest NFHS rule and mechanics changes and major points of emphasis, this compact and affordable 16-page guide is a great primer for High School basketball officials and will help bring you up to speed for the new season.


You Make The Ruling: Volume 12 - USB Video

More than 60 minutes of high school live-action video with voiceover and animation highlight hot topics for officials.

Sample Video

Block / Charge: See It. Call It. - A Video Guide

Blocks and Charges require split second judgment and rapid-fire decision making. The only way to get great at making these tough calls is to see as many plays as possible so your instincts take over.

This video guide uses enhanced high school video to deliver a quick and effective focused clinic. In a half hour, you’ll be more competent and confident calling blocks and charges.



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